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Remote IT support, management, and monitoring. Updates, antivirus, and remote troubleshooting included.

WordPress Service

Over a third of the web is powered by WordPress. At least, that’s what their ads say. That many websites running open source software means that it’s a really rich target for hackers. That’s why you need to keep your website updated, monitor it for potential attack vectors, and keep backups in case of problems. We can do all of this for you and more!
Small/Indie Publisher Package

About Greenshields.TECH

Greenshields.TECH is a technology solutions business from Tim Greenshields. With over a decade of work in small business technology, we know how difficult it is for small businesses to keep up with technology. Between keeping your office workstations running, any business servers, maintaining your website, keeping your software updated, and more it’s easy to let things slip through the gap. That’s where we come in. As generalists we can help you maintain all of your technology as well as recommend and offer new solutions.

Follow Best Practices

The technology industry is constantly evolving. Between new technology advancements and hackers constantly trying to exploit the industry, there is a lot to keep up on. We follow multiple news sources to ensure your company is following the newest suggested best practices. This includes keeping your systems up to date and patching commonly exploited third party software such as Microsoft Office.

Communication is Key

Even the best tech support is worthless if it can't be communicated. That's why we put communication and training front and center. We will reach out regularly to ensure you do not have any issues. You can reach out via phone, text, or email should you have any questions.

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    We understand the unique challenges facing small businesses. Let us take care of your tech support and WordPress maintenance.
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