Workstation & Server Maintenance and Monitoring

Next Generation Security

Next Gen Security

We partner with next-generation antivirus to provide you with continuous monitoring that won’t slow down your computer. Cloud-based protection stops threats in real-time and secures your computers against malware. Traditional antivirus is reliant on a virus database that must be updated regularly to ensure protection against the latest threats. Our partner cloud-based security solution compares any potential threats to online repositories, so your protection is always up to date. It will also monitor background activity to ensure protection against as yet unknown threats.

Our next-generation security doesn’t end with standard antivirus protection. New threats are learning to hide and evade detection. Our partner security solution can detect these scripts running in the background and stop them before they do any harm.

Patch/Update Services

The single best thing anyone can do for their computer is ensure that their hardware and software is kept up to date. Neglecting updates not only deprives you of useful new features and bug fixes, it also leaves you vulnerable to threats.

Hackers and security researchers are very clever and are constantly finding new ways into your computer. These paths can be in any part of your computer including any apps you have installed. The good news is that most of these vulnerabilities are quickly patched.

Our patching services take the hardwork out of keeping your computer updated.

Patch Update Services​

Monitor for Potential Issues

Computers these days are smart. They can warn you about potential problems if you know where to look. Our remote monitoring service provides constant monitoring of your computers and will alert us when trouble is detected.

Our monitors are designed to maximize uptime and productivity. It doesn’t take a crashed to computer to gum up the works. Poorly behaving programs can eat up resources causing your computer to slow severely. Hard drives can fill up, causing errors saving files (and also slow down your computer).

Troubleshooting & Backup

Even with the best monitoring, things will still go wrong. That’s why we offer remote troubleshooting. No problem is too small for us. If you have any problems or questions simply contact us and we’ll get back to you with answers ASAP. Even if there is something physically wrong with the computer we can walk you through troubleshooting most problems over the phone.

Consistent with our goal of maximizing your uptime, we offer a full cloud backup program. Data loss costs time and money. Our cloud backup solution will keep copies of your files safe on a cloud server. At any time we can recover files for you and even restore them to a different and new computer if needed.

Troubleshooting & Backup

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