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Remote IT support, management, and monitoring. Updates, antivirus, and remote troubleshooting included.

WordPress Service

Over a third of the web is powered by WordPress. At least, that’s what their ads say. That many websites running open source software means that it’s a really rich target for hackers. That’s why you need to keep your website updated, monitor it for potential attack vectors, and keep backups in case of problems. We can do all of this for you and more!
Small/Indie Publisher Package

Small & Indie Publisher Website Design

It's great to sell your books on a marketplace on Amazon, but every author needs a home for their work. That home should be a well designed website. Publisher websites built by Greenshields.TECH have the features you need to succeed.

  • List all of your books so readers can find their next great read
  • Cut those extra marketplace fees - Sell your books direct on your website
  • Alternatively, use link to marketplaces to give readers choices
  • Keep readers up-to-date on your process
  • Pretty much anything else you can imagine
Woman Reading on Stack of Books

Let Your Readers Read

If you have fans, they want to know what books you have written. Small publisher and indie author websites should clearly display all of your books.

The best  publisher websites will sell books and get out of the way, allowing your readers do what they do best: read!

Small Press Website Special

Greenshields.TECH loves reading books from small publishers and indie authors. We want you to succeed. Get your websites built the right way for the right price.
Prices Starting At

Benefits of the Greenshields.TECH Small/Indie Website Package

Sell Book Directly On Your Website
Selling on marketplaces such as Amazon gives you increased visibility but it comes at a cost. Amazon takes a pretty big cut of each sale you make. You are also at the mercy of marketplace rules on returns, typo reporting, A-Z claims for “missing shipments” that tracking shows delivered, and can be hidden behind other books or authors with similar names. Selling your books directly on your website will return bigger profit per item sold and allows you to set your own rules. Never have your ebook delisted due to fraudulent typo reporting again.
Distribute Through Book Funnel
Book funnel is a distribution service for ebooks. They handle hosting, distribution, and most importantly they handle customer service. You won’t have to explain how to get their file onto their e-reader. Your website can be integrated so on checkout the buyer will automatically get an email with their download link.

* is not affiliated with Book Funnel. It’s just a service we like and support
Keep Readers Interested With A Blog
Keep your readers interested between book releases by utilizing a news section. Diehard fans are great, standing by you through delayed releases, shipping problems, and writers block. You shouldn’t take their existence for granted. Keep them interested by posting news and blog entries so they don’t forget about you.
Event Calendar for In Person and Virtual
There’s no one way to run your small or independent press, but a popular way is doing in person or virtual events. This is a great way to meet new fans but it’s also fantastic for connecting with your current fans. Let everyone know where you’ll be with an integrated event calendar.

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